I read this and my first thought why isn’t anyone like this I guess people love and feed off of drama off of not letting anything go and moving on? You live and you learn people, you can’t control everything that happens in life. “In the beginning, it’s not a good feeling. All you want is to do is tell off the person that hurt you and yell and shout and express your feelings at the top of your lungs and make them feel your hurt. At the moment, you hate them. You want to ruin their life the way they just ruined yours.

But really, how far is raising your voice and using curse words going to get you? You may feel better at the time by getting angry, but you will always regret it later, because by yelling at them, you went down to their disgusting, inferior level. What’s the point of confronting them and burning your blood over them? In the end, you can’t change the way they’ve hurt you; the damage is done. They made a stupid decision, and no matter what you do, in the end, you’re here cleaning up the pieces of their mess. So instead, go ahead and be the bigger person. Be nice. Brush it off if you can. And if you can’t and really do need to clear up certain things and convey your feelings, use polite words. Speak gently but honestly. You might just get more across that way and avoid a total fall out.

It doesn’t mean you’re scared of them. It doesn’t mean you’re being fake. It just means that you’re avoiding drama and being a more civilized person. But while being a good person, forgive, but don’t forget. Don’t forget that they’re not worth an ounce of your time. Don’t create a tight relationship with them again. Don’t ever allow them to have your trust again. This way, it’s their loss and your gain: they lose a friend with a very big heart, and you gain self-respect and become a stronger, more patient person.”